Web Site Optimisation

No doubt you have heard of SEO, but you may not be sure what it is, or what it does. Well put simply, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation helps your web site get found more easily in Google Searches.

So why does it sound so complicated and why do you have to pay so much to get it done? Well it doesn't have to be complicated and you shouldn't have to pay thousands of dollars to get your web site optoimised.

Now we won't bother boring you with all the technical details, BUT we will tell you what we can do for you.

We use sophisiticated software to analyse your web site and create a professional report which is simple to read and understand. It will show you what you need to do to improve your web sites Search Engine Results and then if you like, we can help you fix it.

Some SEO companies charge thousands of dollars just to analyse your web site before they even start work on it. When they start work on your web site they can then charge thousands of dollars every month for a year and not even tell you what you are paying for.

At Solutions 4 Biz, we do things differently. We will send you a comprehensive report about your web site, showing what needs doing and what you have already done well. We won't charge you for anything you don't need and we will keep you up to date as we go.

The analysis of your site and the report costs just $199, but we are so sure that you will see the value in the report, that if you are not entirely happy with the report, we will give you a full refund!

Request your Web Site Optimisation Report now. 

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Solutions 4 Biz take a holistic approach to Web Site Optimisation (WSO). Unlike some companies offering just Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) we take into account other areas that affect your web site rankings and performance such as the time your home page takes to load. (Page load speed)

This approach is based on Google’s requirements so it lays a sound foundation for your general web site performance as well as your search engine results. We do not try to trick Google into believing your site should be ranked well, because while this can produce short term gains, when Google catches up with you, your web site will be punished and demoted in search results and it can take a lot of time and money to fix.

We use sophisticated software to analysis your web site and provide you with a comprehensive report covering the following areas

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Page Rank
    • Keyword consistency
    • Page indexing
    • Robot and Sitemap files
    • Use of frames and Flash
    • Internal page analysis and linking
    • Image Attributes
    • URL checking
    • IP and WWW resolve
  2. Usability
    • Page Load Speed time
    • Spam Blocking
    • Phishing and Malware scanning
    • W3C Validity
    • IP Location
  3. Technology
    • Server load times
    • Encoding
    • Server Signature
  4. Responsive Design
    • Mobile compatibility
    • Tablet compatibility
    • Mobile Load Time
    • Mobile Optimisation
  5. Social
    • Shareability
    • Google Accounts
    • Other Social Platforms

Your Web Site Optimisation analysis is provided to you in a comprehensive written report. We will score your web site out of 100 and we will highlights the areas of your web site where it is performing well and those areas where improvements can be made. It also details what needs to be done, so you can follow the actions to improve your web site performance.

Once you receive the report, you can either give it to your web design team to take action, or you can engage us to improve your web site performance for you, either way, you will have a list of what needs to be done.

Once you have optimized your web site, we can also conduct advanced reviews of your sites, using Google Analtyics and comparing your web site to your competitors. The advanced review can only be done after an initial review and optimisation has been completed.

The investment for this review is just $199, but we are so sure that you will see the value in the report, that if you are not entirely happy with the report, we will give you a full refund!

So what have you got to lose? Request your Web Site Optimisation Report now