Our Team

Solutions 4 Biz is owned and operated by Nigel Ayling. He works with a small team of specialists to deliver a range of services to clients. The team is listed below.


Nigel Ayling

Roles: Company Director, Business and Marketing Consultant. Business Development and Project Management

Skills: Offline and Digital Marketing, CRM Systems, Web Design, Email Marketing, Social Media, Adwords

Qualifications: Marketing,  Small Business Management and Training and Assesing

Industry experience: Automotive, Retail, Golf, Snow Ski, Tourism, Real Estate

Likes: Skiing, Water Polo, Craft Beer & V8 supercars



Travis White

Role:Web Development and Integration Specialist

Skills:Development/Coding, Solution Architecture & Design, Web Integration, Information and Online Security and Privacy

Qualifications:Bachelor Information Technology, Project Management

Industry Experience:Banking and Finance Sector, Hospitality, Tourism, FMG, Manufacturing

Likes:Surfing, Playing Guitar & Harmonica, Singing, Online Security geek



Russell Hammond

Role: Web Manager and Mutli-media specialist

Skills: Joomla and CMS Specialist, CSS Styling,Web Management, CMS Upgrades, Website Repairs, Photography and Graphics Support, and E-Commerce

Qualifications: Photography, Videography, Journalism

Industry Experience: Golf, Photography, Hospitality, Promotional Products, Corporate

Likes: Golf, TV documentaries,  reading, BBQ's, good beer, red wine, art and photography, music



Chris Sheedy

Role:   Creative Content Design Specialist

Skills:  Photography, Videography, Copywriting, Google Business View Certified Photographer

Industry Experience:     Film TV production, online corporate content, advertising, broadcast radio

Likes: Surfing, Sailing and Siestas



Stephen Walsh

Role:SEO  and Conversion Marketing specialist

Skills:Google Adwords, Facebook marketing, Remarketing, Conversion Optimization,  Display Advertising,  On-site SEO, Off-site SEO

Qualifications:Certified Google Adwords,

Industry Experience:Golf, Sports Retail, Home Furnishing, Industrial Flooring, Tourism & logistics

Likes:Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Futsal, Travel