Top 5 Tips for new Facebook users

So you have decided to join the Social Networking revolution and set up a Facebook page for your business. So what do you do now? Well here is my top 5 tips for getting started in Facebook.

  1. First thing to do is to upload an image. Don't make it a small one though, it can be up to 500 pixels deep and 200 pixels wide, so make sure you take up the whole area. Even if you only have a small logo, use the area below and above it to add details about your business, including your web address. Check out ours here.
  2. Before you post anything, I suggest you check out what everyone else is doing. The best way to do this is to start "like"-ing other businesses. Start buy doing a search (in the area at the top of your page) for businesses in your area. You can just use yout town's name, or search for businesses in your industry like "marketing." Not only will you see what everyone else is doing, you can always "share" these posts and when you "ilke" someones elses page, they often "ilke" you back in return.
  3. The main aim of Facebook is to get as many "likes" as you can so you will have to add the "like" button to your web site and any other areas you you can. To do this just go to your account tab and then to the help center and search for "add like button" and follow the instructions. You should also put some signs up in your business, saying "find us on Facebook"
  4. The above tips should get you started, and once you get past 25 likes, you can claim a unique URL or Facebook address for your page. For us it is with the "solutions4biz" part making it easy for you to share your Facebook page. You can do this at
  5. Once you have liked a few other pages, you should go and make a "post" on their site. Don't be to blatant about promoting your page, but you can post something like, "If you are after some free marketing tips for your business, you can visit our Faebook page here."

Hopefully this will help get you started. Good luck!