Fisk and Nagle

Solutions 4 Biz has been providing services to our company for the past 4 years. Initially they started providing us with specific marketing services such as managing our social media, and online advertising, but over time, they have provided us with an increasing number of services. They are now responsible for managing all of our digital assets and marketing activity including managing 5 web sites, all of our social media, content creation and promotional campaigns.

More recently the have helped us implement a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system across all 4 of our offices which included integration with our web sites, as well as change management and training of our staff.

As the Project Manager, Nigel Ayling has managed all of the different aspects and challenges exceptionally well and has been able to deliver all of the projects on time, and on budget. Nigel leads a small team of specialists that work for him in specific roles to ensure that all of the outcomes are achieved.

We would have no hesitation recommending Solutions 4 Biz and Nigel to any organisation looking for assistance with their marketing or business development

Jo Thorpe
Fisk and Nagle